Realizations of any kind of floorings and coatings

Every architectural requirement finds in MAST Finiture a full partner, able to recommend the best surface and to accomplish the most appropriate floor and coating.

Flooring and wood panelling.
To warm up spaces with the heat of natural material, MAST Finiture follows the client to choice the best surface and in full realization of flooring and panelling.

Moquette floorings and coatings.
As always the best sound insulation, the moquette floorings and coatings are coloured surfaces which have many finishes excellent for the personalization of spaces.

Floorings and coatings made of resin.
Water-proof, hygienic and antibacterial, the floors and coatings made of resin are the ideal solution to obtain durable surfaces avoiding big maintenance or special treatments.
Extra storey modular floorings.
Particularly useful for floorings requiring a plant room where systems can pass, the extra storey modular floorings are an innovative solution that MAST Finiture is able to realize thanks to its engineering know-how.

Resilient flooring.
Rubber, PVC linoleum: many are the surfaces created by MAST Finiture for spaces that require flexible surfaces, capable of shock absorbing.