Italian partner of the most qualified suppliers.

To offer only technologically innovative solutions, MAST has selected some exclusive suppliers all of whom attest to the search for quality of the whole group.

Limonta Sport

Since 2001, Mast is the Official Partner of Limonta Sport, producer of astroturf since 1979 and an international leader in the sector bringing the experience and tradition of the Limonta group, historic textile company founded in Italy more 100 years ago. The only Italian manufacturer Fifa Preferred Producer, stresses the leadership of the company on the international market.

Sardinia Green Sport Srl

In May 2012, Sardinia Green Sport s.r.l. was founded. Owned 85% by MAST with headquarters and location at Quartu Sant’Elena in the province of Cagliari. The corporate objective is the building of sport facilities.


In July 2013, MPS s.r.l was established, owned 90% by MAST and located at Brescia. The corporate objective is the design and construction of sport facilities, the management and the organization of sport events and other entertainment activities, structures for football teaching activities, the acquisition of areas and buildings for sport activities.

Replay Sport Srl

In January 2014, Replay Sport Srl was established, designed, build and managed sport facilities in concession. The creation and application of a standard method for the construction and management of sport facilities of public ownership (or non) in an economical and profitable with a system that can be replicated easily by following a precise concept, providing for the construction of the ideal facilities to the to locations, the most profitable management of restaurants following a precise method with registered trademark, the management and organization of sports courses, maintenance of facilities and provision of equipment necessary for its economical operation, the granting of franchising.

Società Calcistica Feralpi Salò

In summer 2009, a dream was created. Merging A.C. Feralpi Lonato with A.C. Salò, this dream was the beginning of FeralpiSalò Srl playing in the league tables. ‘Lega Pro Prima Divisione’ is the third highest football league in Italy. This was a dream for a company that embraces its regional area aiming, although, in other directions. A work team that in two years of professional soccer created a new reality! But above all, an emotion still clear in president Giuseppe Pasinis’s eyes, who believes with all his heart in this project, but who wants to get it off the ground and leave a higher mark than it has aready. To bring the image of the region so that it is talked about, not only for its beautiful natural environment but also for its sport results.

Museo Mille Miglia

Since 2010, Mast supports the Mille Miglia Museum, the Museum at Brescia dedicated to the historic competition that sees an increase in partecipation and consent both in Italy and abroad. The enthusiasm and sportmanship of the pilots have also infected Mast, who presents its brand once again on the sport cars and in this case at the prestigious museum, of an historic event with a big international emotional impact for fans. A brand and an alliance, the one between Mast and the association Mille Miglia Museum reaches the desired goal in the name of tradition and enthusiasm, marking both of them to daily professional commitment.