Constructive excellence in the service of excellence in medical research..

The new Reggio Emilia Onco-haematology Centre is a state of the art structure, able to accommodate all the specialisations relative to oncological pathologies. The CO-RE project began from the will to concentrate, in a single location, functions of research and highly specialised oncological assistance, in acontext of national and international scientific collaboration. This association supports and promotes the great progress that has been made in oncological research in recent years. The architectural layout of the building, besides ensuring greater and more rational space, shows excellent structural, technological and organisational standards, indispensable for the complete care of cancer patients. The high level of privacy, comfort and humanisation offered by CO-RE means a real step forward towards the hospital of the future, no longer just a place of cure, but as a structure capable of offering a clear perception of professionalism and healthy living.MAST had car of of the construction of all building finishing such as flooring and internal walls